E-Commerce and Retailers Case Study

Paul Sheeran

Paul Sheeran is an Irish retailer focusing on jewellery business. They were taking a digital-first approach to approach potential customers. with unique strategies on each product while ensuring a cohesive brand image among the differences.

  • Raise brand awareness and increase the online and offline sale 
  • Maximizing brand exposure to international customers 
  • Boost website traffic and increase online order
  • Increase sales volume & lower CPA
Let the numbers talk



Number of sales




Overall CPA

(Cost per Action)


Website traffic

What makes it a successful campaign?
  • Attracted triple customers to visit In-store during the campaign 
  • Display ad’s powerfully optimized to reach every potential customer
  • Impactful emotional branding on social media channels with high engagements

SEM | Display Ad | Social Media Ad | Page Management

“Amaya and her team are great listeners and they understood exactly what Paul Sheeran is trying to achieve and I can’t praise their attention to detail highly enough. Nothing was too much trouble and I was delighted with the wonderful outcome of my advertising campaign”

Paul Sheeran CEO

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